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Random // The Flaming Lips selger en såpe de kaller ‘Everyone You Know, Someday, Will Die’

Merch er alltid kult. Om det er en fet t-shirt eller caps, nummerert vinyl, kassett og andre rariteter. The Flaming Lips har nå med seg håndlagd såpe til sitt merchbord. Dette såpestykket er formet som et foster og kommer i en såpeskål formet som en hodeskalle.

Det er kult at band tar dette litt langt og lager ting som ikke er normalt. Se hva Wayne Coyne skrev på sin instagram-profil under.

And… A few of these will be available at the merch booth tonight !! Everyone You Know,Someday,Will Die.. Soap and Soap Dish.. Fetus soap is hand made with Shea Butter and Goats Milk with Honeysuckle and Fruit Loops scents and Skull soap dish is hand poured red resin.. Comes with an excellent paperback book about the truth and lies of modern taboo subjects like having orgies and taking drugs by badass counterculture author Robert Arthur.. his book comes wrapped in an poster of an the original art that I drew on his cover!! And comes silk screened box that we printed in the shoppe at my house !! Cool stuff!! Hope y'all like it!! @jgeeezus @irreversibility @skid_bro @zacharyancox @leochandler @scott_booker @itsjeremyscott @damienhirst @jenstark @stellamaxwell @katyweaver @malia_ward @oliverhibert @cal_sino @thegummybearguy @theyogaboxokc @thejunkfairyokc @sordociego #theflaminglips #flaminglips #mileycyrusandherdeadpetz

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