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Nyheter // Sibiir (no) er booket til Roskilde Festival


Det norske hardcorebandet Sibiir har blitt booket til Roskilde Festival 2017.

Det er alltid gøy når norske band blir booket til utenlandske festivaler. Og at det er Sibiir gjør det enda fetere. Jeg har booket dette bandet til The Crossroad Club tidligere, og digger energien og de beinharde låtene. Gratulerer med en dritfet booking Roskilde. Og high five til Sibiir!

Her er hva Roskilde sier om bandet:


Named after the massive frozen tundra of Siberia, Sibiir’s music is equally raw and extreme, taking inspiration from their own homegrown black metal scene while being rooted in hardcore metal. In other words, a poisonous dose of music with both aggression and muscle. At the same time, Sibiir is unafraid of letting in some progressive elements.

The Oslo five-piece got started in 2014 and they have quickly perfected their fusion of hard-hitting genres as can be heard on the self-titled debut album from 2016 (out on Fysisk Format). Sibiir has reaped nothing but stunning praise, and you certainly understand why.

With a punishing pace, a beyond-heavy foundation, plenty of sophisticated riffage and with guttural screams on top, Sibiir is a take-no-prisoners attack that will leave you breathless. The band claims that their music is recommended for people that are pissed off and want to stay that way.

If you dig what you hear on record, you’ll absolutely love the beatings Sibiir give when playing live. The crushingly hard sound becomes even more ferocious, and front man Jimmy Nymoen comes at the crowd with a great fury and energy. Be prepared if you’re in first row – and prepare for lots of moshing!

Det selvtitulerte debutalbumet er ute på Fysisk Format nå.

Petter Milde